Customized Development of Human resource (HR) & Payroll

Sofgen Human Resource management system provides an all-round control of all components of personnel management process, such as Payroll Management, Recruitment Management, Performance Management, Employee and Manager Self Service, etc. When any problems arise, Our Human resource management system is a key solution to solving them by tracking the existing data and detecting the origin of the issue.
Sofgen Payroll Management tools simplify the payroll process for businesses that require a single solution for their Asia Pacific operation or that operate as a group of companies. It ensures that your people are paid correctly, on time, every time. Getting payroll right is fundamental to a more productive workforce, fewer enquiries and lower administrative costs.
Our Readymade payroll software might not meet all your specific business requirements, but developing a customised payroll software solution for your organization will definitely eliminate the risk of incompatibility of the software with the system.

Services and Benefits Include

Sofgen HR management system simplifies working procedure itself. It cuts out the necessity to deal with countless numbers of paperwork and carry out all operations manually. Hence, the system saves a lot of time and efforts that makes the work of HR managers and HR departments efficient and consistent.

Small and medium-size businesses do all kinds of different things, but one thing they have in common is - Payrolls. Meeting them, managing them, recording them -- no wonder so many business owners and accountants always seem worried! It's a lot of responsibility. Our Customized Development of Human resource (HR) & Payroll can solve all those problems.

With our HR management tools, you can eliminate eliminates error-prone HR processes, develop and retain higher quality employees and improve organizational planning and decision-making without much IT overheads.

Stimulates employee alignment and creates a performance culture and Improves administrative responsiveness & efficiency.

Sofgen Solutions are carefully crafted keeping in mind the unique operational needs of your industry. We help you manage operations in a much convenient way, thus saving time which enables you to focus on core activities of your company.

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