Excise and Custom Trading

For any Manufacturing or Trading industry maintaining records and computing taxes is of utmost importance. The fear of losing data and human error is what makes the traditional methods of collecting data (Excel and spreadsheets) a bit less useful. So a better way to manage all the records and organise process information is by using a ERP software that makes maintenance and excise computation easy.

Sofgen Excise and Custom Trading Software

  All taxation calculations/solutions in one place.
  Reconcile Excise taxes
  Return entry of purchased orders and excise goods
  Maintain business logic in all the transaction details
  Standard statutory and registration information like: VAT, GST, Sales Tax Number, PAN etc.

Sofgen Excise and Custom Trading ERP software is an effective and powerful tool that is easy to set up and integrates very well with all your processes.

Sofgen Solutions are carefully crafted keeping in mind the unique operational needs of your industry. We help you manage operations in a much convenient way, thus saving time which enables you to focus on core activities of your company.

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