Furniture and Fixtures

Furniture and Fixtures industries globally are stressed with pressure to find new efficiencies of their process. Raw material cost, customer demands, cost sensitivity and labour demands for more configured/customised product options continue to demean the already thin margins. You need a furniture material resource planning system that understands the problems faced in your industry.

Furniture MRP System

  Sofgen Material Resource Planning (MRP) system makes it easy for you to manage the always increasing lineup of materials your industry consumes. Easily forecast the end-product requirements, generate purchase orders to fill gaps in your crude/raw material inventory.
  Sofgen furniture manufacturing software makes it easy for you to manage the costing of each production set, including product-based reporting.
  Embedded Advanced Planning and scheduling functionality help reduce your production set timelines.
  The Sofgen Quality Suite automates the compliance process, easily helping you meet ISO needs.
  Sofgen for Furniture and Fixture manufacturers offers embedded CRM functionality, alongside E-Commerce solutions with online product configuration, making it easy for you to turn your leads into orders and manage your customer needs.

Furniture Manufacturing Software

For furniture and fixtures industries, product configuration based on specific rules reduces the cost of engineering process and simultaneously improving customer satisfaction with tools that are available for customers and partners online through eCommerce solutions on mobile and PC devices for your employees. As a module embedded within the Sofgen ERP system, configurator decreases time for products configuration. The results obtained are directly fed to production and thereby improving the quality.
Sofgen ERP Software is positioned to reducethe lead times and bring new operational efficiencies and reduce the cost of operation for furniture/fixtures industries.

Sofgen Solutions are carefully crafted keeping in mind the unique operational needs of your industry. We help you manage operations in a much convenient way, thus saving time which enables you to focus on core activities of your company.

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