Machinery and Equipment

As a machinery and equipment company manufacturer, there are so many challenges that you face. Faster delivery, lower costs, high quality are the necessities that your business needs to accomplish apart from the complex engineering needs. We at Sofgen have served more than 1000 machinery and equipment businesses and understand the need to help your business improve customer service and operations.

Industrial Machinery ERP

Sofgen has designed a Machinery and Equipment ERP software to effectively manage all your industrial processes. Financial management, cost accounting, effective scheduling and planning, product life-cycle management, maintenance management and supply chain management are the solutions offered by the Machinery and Equipment ERP software.

Industrial Machinery Software

  Workbenches for effective product management.
  Reduce material and labour costs.
  Maximise sales opportunities
  Increase profits with better CRM capabilities
  Ensure quality assurance and high quality delivery of products
  Product configurator support for complex products.
  Built in dashboard for the complete visibility of end to end solutions.

Sofgen Machinery and equipment ERP software is an effective and powerful tool that is easy to set up and integrates very well with all your processes.

Sofgen Solutions are carefully crafted keeping in mind the unique operational needs of your industry. We help you manage operations in a much convenient way, thus saving time which enables you to focus on core activities of your company.

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