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AMS & Support

AMS(Application Maintenance System) administrations are intended to improve the SAP application support performed by staff from inside an association with particular administrations from master Sofgen Support staff in a transformational model worked to convey subjective outcome. Our AMS extent of administrations may include the full range of the inside SAP ECC, S/4 Hana application bolster works on a 24 x 7 x 365, low maintenance or full-time comparable premise.

Application Support Services

Sofgen’s AMS engineers are experts with complete knowledge and a consultative approach which is important to perform activities in a joint effort with your staff.The Sofgen experts emphasize on filling gaps in teamcapabilities, enabling your inner topic specialists to be diverted to need activities, broadening your scope of ability. Application Support Service from Sofgenincludes :

  • Service Desk Routing, Management and Reporting
  • On-Call Application User Support
  • Business Analysis and Analytics Issue Support
  • Knowledge Extension & Mentoring
  • Period and Closing Support
  • Long or Medium term Staff Augmentation
  • Staff Backfill and After Hours Support

Online Support Services

Even if your Vendor has ended the Support facility for your version of SAP, we come in the picture. We have an in-house team of professional AMS Engineers who have been successfully providing Enhanced Maintenance Support Services to our customers. You now have an option to continue with your version of SAP Application without worrying for Support Services. Sofgen Support is the only third-party provider dedicated to delivering comprehensive support solutions for the SAP communities without regard to your version’s vendor-defined support status.With Sofgen, you get to enjoy an unmatched service experience with benefits like :

  • Immediate Response
  • Experienced Team
  • Customized Software Suppor
  • Ticket Tracking & Reports
  • Extended Services
  • Client Satisfaction is Priority

From a basic question to the most complex inquiries, the Sofgen Support Team has been capable of helping and handling the clients with ease. Time being a constraint for the client, the team is professionally trained to resolve the problem with all the skills and capabilities they have within the time frame.


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