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Based on the SAP HANA in-memory database that allows you to perform transactions and analyze business data in real-time, SAP S/4 HANA is an ERP suite built to ease your way of business doing. It is available in On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid Deployment models.

Your Business Needs SAP S/4 HANA

  • Strong Decision Making – Explore through the data collected from a single reliable source, and take that strong call. You can even optimize your process of planning with all the data you have in hand.
  • Plan and Act in Real Time – With the introduction of S/4 HANA, you won’t need Batch Processing anymore. Make time-to-time improvisations in your plan and take actions in real time.
  • Revamp your Business Model – Keeping your Person Connections, Devices and Business Networks all at one place, you can have an overview of changing market trends and accordingly bring about the change in your Business Models.
  • Increased Productivity – The user experience provided by SAP Fiori can be handled easily and you can view your Business Insights in clear dashboards that can be personalized.

S/4 HANA – An Overview

S/4 HANA is seen as the successor to SAP ECC and supports your Business process by providing it a Digital Core. Allowing you to use the core ERP functioning with other cloud-based applications for interaction and integration with Customers, S/4 HANA was launched with an On-Premises version and now is also available in a Cloud version.

SAP S/4 HANA is a technology based on using in-memory database that gives you an edge over other applications as you get to access and analyze data in real time. The doors to Innovation and better Insights open with the use of S/4 HANA as the data is handled much faster which subsequently benefits Transactional Processing.Before Implementing S/4 HANA, you need to define the Strategy. Defining your strategy is about focusing on the realization of value through S/4 HANA based on the context of your Business and the IT environment.

Business Improvement

Though S/4 HANA implementation involves numerous IT-related activities, it still is the best practice to support your Business and drive its growth. Timing being a major part of your S/4 HANA Strategy, highly relates to Migration approach. The ease of accessing stored Data empowers you with properly analyzed reports.

Technology Realization

S/4 HANA migration involves multiple technical procedures. The key role is to define your future application landscape, the specific modules that are to be used for each process of your Business and their integration. SAP Solution Manager tool helps the individual to cover up the above mentioned points with ease and at a faster pace.

Value Delivery

Strengthening you Decision making, S/4 HANA makes sure that your decisions add value to your Business. Understanding the Value drivers and defining a clear business case plays a vital role in the process.

S/4 HANA Exploration

Before implementation, you must explore the S/4 HANA benefits in your Business context and IT environment. You first analyze the benefits of migrating to S/4 HANA from the Value perspective. The business and technology view are used to ensure that an initial understanding is obtained of the better practices.

Do it the sofgen way!

sofgen is a premier expertise backed, technology driven company focused on S/4 HANA implementation, HANA Migrations and Support. Some believe in the power of numbers,some believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people and the impact of people on technology. Our roots grew from this belief that people with diversified point of views could come together to build a different kind of technology company – one that puts people, the one working with us and for us, first. This belief drives our vision for tomorrow to build technological experts who are focused on one goal: Helping our clients succeed.

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