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Why sofgenERP?

Isn’t it gruelling at times to manage different departments and procedures involved in your Business separately? The gaps in Inter-departmental communication and the subsequent loss in the productivity drafts an altogether different impact on the business.

But, with the introduction of ERP into your Business, you’ll know what role a Rainbow plays after the rain.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) acts as that central axis around which your work and data flow smoothly. Structured explicitly to make it helpful for you to oversee Business, sofgenERP empowers your partnership's Growth regardless of the Organization's size. No Data Loss, Easy Task Assigning, Efficient WorkFlow, Low Maintenance and all the more such advantages fall inside the bundle of sofgenERP.

It is currently your go to accept those correct calls which will in the end bring you Profit.

  • Efficient & Secure Management
  • Rendezvous of Internal Departments
  • Take the Right Call
  • Improved Reporting and Planning

Challenges Knocked Down by sofgenERP

An Organization, as we all know, involves numerous divisions which inside and out are in charge of its smooth running. Indeed, even a minor slack in any one department or a procedure may bring about a noteworthy misfortune for the association. sofgenERP gives you an edge over other ERP frameworks in view of the by and large customization offered and protects you from a couple of the most every now and again happening difficulties like :

Loss of Data

A pattern has been seen that the greater part of the associations who store or record the information physically have nearly lost a noteworthy segment of it. This is the place sofgenERP takes you a jump ahead from others in the Industry. From the very beginning, sofgenERP stores all of the Data that runs over it. It even offers you the freedom to anytime later visit the ERP Software and concentrate on a piece of particular information you might be needing.

Data Accessibility

What if you are in need of a specific data for one of your meetings that is about to begin within minutes, will you be able to arrange it if your data handling techniques are still conventional, like maintaining a record book manually? Accessibility being one of the pillars on which the foundation of sofgenERP was laid, your data is 24*7 available to you at any location. All you need to do is Login and access the data online. Everything on your fingertips!

Unprofessional transfer of Information

At the point when a Sale is backed by the Sales Team, the necessity is moved to the Production group to prepare the Product or Service, at that point further, the data goes to the Inventory Management office which passes it onto the Purchase division and afterward at long last the Finance and Accounts segment. In this voyage through the data, the vast majority of the occasions the important piece of the data is lost. sofgenERP fills in as a defensive shell around the entire data. Being an expert method for correspondence between the divisions, the data arrives at each goal in its indigenous structure.

Higher Maintenance Fees

Maintaining a separate record of information in each division and keeping it up religiously regarding time requests an additional speculation, both in time and cash. A devoted workforce or group is assigned to deal with the convenient updation of records. sofgenERP is customized in such a way, that all information is refreshed with the progressing stream. No extension is left for any record or snippet of data to get away. As such, the high Maintenance Fees included is hauled down to a much lower level, making the sofgenERP progressively reasonable and productive.

Dawdling throughout the course

The absence of a characterized direction for the work to advance and the data to stream brings about enormous loss of time. Time Loss inevitably ends up being a noticeable obstacle in the usefulness and progress of your association. Dealing with it especially the sofgenERP has been drafted and created to wipe out such time-squandering activities. Your work finds the ideal direction to continue and the data runs parallely.

Extraneous Expenses

There are abundance of unneeded costs engaged with your business day in day out which go unnoticed. Along these lines, we took additional alert while building up the sofgenERP to engage it enough that it is fit for featuring such costs with in-detail data about them. You should simply kick back and serenely discover an answer for such loopholes.

Sofgen Solutions are carefully crafted keeping in mind the unique operational needs of your industry. We help you manage operations in a much convenient way, thus saving time which enables you to focus on core activities of your company.

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