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Fashion Industry

An Innovative Solution For An Innovative Industry
Fashion Industry

Fashion industry is facing new challenges everyday – all thanks to the new technology and e-commerce. India’s fashion and apparel industry has grown rapidly in the recent few years. It is poised to grow extremely fast in the coming years. Currently – it is expected to be around USD 220 billion by the year end – 2021. The industry contributes to around 5 % of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).


Tailored Solution For Local And Global Needs

Apart from Indian players, there are a number of international players who are also active in the country and get the manufacturing done in India. Apparel and textile also happens to be one of the largest export segments for India.


Agile Features To Streamline Operations

In this digital and fast era – manufacturers look for ERP which can help them reduce complexities and build solid processes for manufacturing operations. Sofgen ERP has been providing robust tools for fashion and apparel manufacturers to streamline their most critical operations, bring reduction in operational cost, effectively manage all the resources and have real time updates and views on the business processes.

One Point Solution For All Business Processes

Sofgen ERP helps integrate all the different business processes – including sales, marketing, manufacturing, material planning, vendor management, 3rd party process outsourcing, packaging, managing overall inventory and supply, financial management,  storage and distribution. It is capable of generating powerful and customised dashboard and reports for the management and manufacturing teams.

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