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Customised CRM/SRM

Customer Relationship Management

An extensive and decades of experience of working with manufacturers is what differentiates us

At Sofgen we offer completely customised CRM solutions for small, medium and large scale manufacturing organisations. What differentiates Sofgen is our incredible experience of working with manufacturing players across the industries. We understand the complexities and the unique challenges organisations and their customers face.

One point solution for your all customer management needs

Our CRM solution offers complete customer relationship and servicing management on a single platform. It empowers management and sales team to have the birds eye view of the current sales plan, execution status, customers interactions at one place. It integrates all the sales functions. Powerful and fully customisable dashboard gives the management and sales leader complete view on the sales forecast and sales achieved. Built in analytics tools and functionalities can help the leaders to locate the exact challenges and problem areas in sales. Also it enables the teams to find out what’s been working and sales strategies that have given great results.

Manage and strengthen your relations with your most valuable customers

We understand how challenging it can get to manage relationships and very complex sales cycles with your customers including the distribution channel. Distribution channels can sometimes be complex and involve a long chain of retailers, dealers, distributors, ecommerce players, institutional customers and more. Sofgen’s CRM solution helps you to manage and integrate all the fragmented customer data on one platform.
Sales team can manage, view and track all of their customer interactions at one place, and take action in an incredibly efficient way without wasting any response time. Detailed customer analytics gives you incredible information and insights on customer behaviour, their likes and dislikes, buying patterns and more. System records all the customer buying and interaction history at one place which can be accessed quickly.

Supplier Relationship Management

Now manage suppliers and vendors with ease

We have been working and servicing the manufacturing industry since decades now. We understand the exact challenges organisations face in managing the relationships with their suppliers and vendors. Organisations depend on procurement of their direct and indirect material from multiple vendors. Organisations can also have customised manufacturing processes that are outsourced to their vendors.

High vendor management efficiency backed by detailed analysis and insights

It becomes imperative for the teams to be able to optimise efficiently their procurement and outsourcing operations, and work smoothly with their vendors.
Organisations also want to predict accurately their procurement needs, timelines and delivery efficiency of the suppliers. A good SRM should also be able to manage and evaluate the performance of different suppliers and vendors over a range of parameters. Sofgen’s customised SRM solution does all that and more. It also empowers the organisations to manage their supplier contracts, purchasing policies and long term relationships with their partners and suppliers.

At Sofgen we have been delivering highly customised solutions to help organisations meet their very unique vendor management challenges.

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