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Our Vision and Mission

Our Goal

Our goal at Sofgen Computer Consultants is to be a global leader in technology by prioritizing our customers above all else. We are committed to providing top of the line enterprise business solutions and services, including ERP Solutions, Customized Software Solution and Web Application development, to diverse customer groups worldwide. Our aim is to help our clients achieve profitability through our solutions.

Our team members are well focused and dedicated on value added activities, that are crucial for clients businesses for ultimate growth and success. By leveraging our core technical/domain expertise and capabilities, we provide our clients with a competitive advantage that can help them succeed in their respective markets. At Sofgen, we are passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential through innovative technologies and empowering them to achieve their business goals.

As a committed Organization we shall strive for:-

At our organization, We always priorities the needs and expectations of our customers with building transparent and honest relationship for ultimate growth of our clients businesses.

We customize our delivery approach to suit the requirements of each project, which may involve onshore, offshore, or a combination of both. Our goal is to promote growth by maintaining cost-effectiveness and delivering solutions in an ethical and timely manner.

Our organization very well focused to create a dynamic and inclusive environment. Where everyone’s opinions are heard, respected and valued that encourages personal growth and empowers individuals.

Sofgen recognizes the importance of automation in driving growth and improving operational performance. We offer ultimate range of automotive solutions that can ease processes and operations of an organizations, that will surely improve workflow.


“To be the global leader in IT Services”, By providing our customers with reliable, professional and scalable software solutions that deliver the best value possible against a reasonable cost of ownership.

We are committing to valued our stakeholders and customers. We do this by focusing on the intersection of our clients’ emerging needs and the acceleration of business and technological change. By doing so, we can help our customers identify and realize their true potential by leveraging affordable yet relevant technology solutions.

At Sofgen, we aim to build long term relation based on trust and mutual respect. We don’t just seeking to acquire customers. We believe that our relation will enable us to achieve our vison and provide exceptional value to our customers..

Maximizing your Revenue with our cost-effective ERP Solutions

Combining affordability with quality to provide unbeatable value

Continuously monitor and measure the effectiveness of the solution

Making improvements and iterating as per organisation need

Build strong relationships by understanding clients’ needs and expectations

Monitor and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) of client satisfaction

Improves operational efficiency and increased productivity

Fosters a positive work environment where employees feel valued and respected

Retain talent Employees by offering opportunities for personal and professional growth

Our Value

We understand very well the importance of having clear core values that guides our action and shape of organizational culture. Our rules helps us to do everything, from creating policies to serving customers. When we all follow these rules together, we can make a big impact in our industry by being innovative and excellent. With these protocols we are empowered to make significant impact in our industry. We trust in engaging in our enterprise with the best ethical standards, treating our clients and co-workers with appreciate and professionalism, and fostering an inclusive and supportive place of workplace culture.

We have constructed our organization upon the basis of integrity, honor and pride. Which guides our actions and decision making to fulfill our commitments.

We Provide greater flexibility, technical expertise and cost savings as per the unique requirements of our clients business.

We have established ourselves as a trusted partner by cultivating enduring and collaborative relationships with our clients.

Finding solution of every problem is opportunity for us . Rather than becoming discouraged by facing challenges.

Our team is well focused to explore innovative ideas, which allows us to develop ultimate solutions that helps our clients business to achieve their goals.

Our Forward thinking mindset making us to push ourself to the boundaries of what is possible, which enable us to achieve great thing whether it is time, money or human capital

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