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Transforming Your Business with “Sofgen’s Digital Solutions”

Optimising for Fast Paced Growth.

Sofgen ERP enables teams to focus on what is most critical for sustenance and a fast paced business growth

We understand how complex it can get to run a manufacturing business., Sofgen ERP enables entrepreneurial teams to reduce the operational complexities by connecting the different business pieces together, simplifying and optimising the whole process. Our sole objective is to help you focus on the most critical challenges in the business growth while Sofgen ERP handles the rest for you.

Sofgen ERP is a comprehensive business solution that has been built and optimised for over a period of three decades. ERP is a result of working extremely closely with the industry, especially manufacturing units of all sizes across geographies, understanding the nitty gritties and applying technology to robust processes across the organization. A powerful suite to empower you with game changing insights, robust  business data presented in a singular connected platform and available real time at a click of the button enabling teams to make rapid strategic decisions and optimise for the next level of growth.

Sofgen ERP is powered by different components covering all aspects of your business.

Marketing and Sales Module

Enhance the level of your marketing with Sofgen

Sofgen helps you connect with your clients better and keep them engaged with your brand longer with its marketing services. As we incorporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we enable you to have a better set of your customer’s data and deeper information of their tastes and preferences, leading to the formulation of well-thought marketing strategies that drive more and more customers to your brand.

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Purchase Module

Get an advanced and reliable purchase process with Sofgen

Sofgen understands that it’s important for you to have an advanced and reliable purchase process that can consolidate your business, because a smooth process of purchase allows you to conduct all the other business activities in a much more efficient and smoother manner, and this is the main reason that Sofgen offers you high-quality ERP services which can simplify it for you to have an advanced process of purchase that ensures a much greater degree of efficiency and reliability.

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Material Management Module

Have an enhanced and advanced material management with Sofgen

You can now plan, manage, and control the flow of material that is purchased by your business on a regular basis. Sofgen enables you as a client to have an accurate forecast of sales and purchase from the time the materials are purchased to the time they are used for the final product or service. You can get to have features like material in-transit entry, material gate entry, material request, material issue, material issue return, and thus an enhanced and advanced process of material management is ensured.

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Quality Management Module

Get optimal and reliable process to manage the quality of your products and services and to establish a lasting relationship with your customers

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Finance Module

Consolidate your financial processes with Sofgen

Sofgen is well aware of the fact that you as a business go through uncounted financial transactions on a regular basis, and this is the main reason that Sofgen promises to deliver one-end, reliable, and high-quality solution to you. Read more about this module to know the details of features and benefits that you as a business owner can reap.

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Production Module

Get quick and reliable production capacity with Sofgen

Sofgen allows you to have a quick and reliable production process, and this is the mainly because as Sofgen incorporates ERP, it enables you as a client to ensure a well-thought and robust material resource planning (MRP). With this system offered by Sofgen, you will be able to analyse some recurrent requirements of your customers, to plan procurement in a better manner, and to manage your inventory in a more efficient way.

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Add-On Module

Get the easiest and simplest way to manage your regular business activities with Sofgen

Sofgen knows that all business activities, from machine & equipment management to purchase management to quality control management to customers’ complaint management, are important. This is why you pay most attention to them, and all of these small yet important activities majorly contribute to maintaining optimal operational efficiency and reliable customer management. Thus, Sofgen offers you efficient, reliable, and systematic services that help you manage such business activities from time to time and allow you to serve your customers well

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Our Presence

Sofgen ERP is fully customisable
for enterprises and also offers powerful and advanced feature adds on like:

Advanced reporting


Mobility Extension Toolkit

E Signature

Device Integration

Advanced Planning & Optimisation

Data Uploads

Past users of Sofgen ERP have witnessed transformative increase in overall operational efficiency, enhanced team productivity, better operational clarity and freeing up of more resources to answer the most important strategic questions. Many of our ERP clients tell us how they can’t imagine their business without Sofgen ERP now.

Let Sofgen ERP be a partner to fuel your next level growth. Connect with us today to know more.

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