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Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Country’s manufacturing sector has gone through tremendous shifts in recent years. The sector contributes more than 16% to India’s GDP and its share in GDP is expected to grow further in the coming years. With a very strong and growing domestic market with more than a billion consumers, rapidly growing purchasing power – the manufacturing industry in India is undergoing a transformative period. Government’s initiative like Make In India – have further given it a huge boost. 

In these fast paced and disruptive times for manufacturing industry – for country’s manufacturers it becomes mission critical to organise all of their operations and optimise them for agility along with delivering quality and innovation. At Sofgen we understand the challenges manufacturers face and understand their critical needs for managing the operations, efficiency and solving their day to day operational problems. Our ERP is customised to meet the specific needs of Indian manufacturers.

The biggest challenge to a manufacturing unit – apart from efficiently organising their manufacturing operations – are to proactively manage the challenges of demand and supply.  Integration across functions and managing the data well empowers the manufacturing businesses to be able to focus on what they do best, create winning strategies and build incredible value not just for customers and stakeholders but for the whole country.

At Sofgen we are committed to serve the manufacturing industry of the country constantly innovating and consistently serving each one of our manufacturing customers to the best of our abilities.

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