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Retail and Wholesale

A Game Changer Solution for
Retail and Wholesale

Country’s FMCG sector is among the top 4 sectors.  Industry is currently more than USD 100 billions and is expected to cross USD 200 billion mark by 2025. Food and beverages, healthcare and household and personal care are the largest segments in the retail and wholesale sector. Household and personal care is almost 50% of the whole FMCG sector.

Unique Challenges, Custom Solutions

FMCG business owners face great challenges in terms of managing the complex distribution network and handle the uncertainties of raw material supplies. To be able to integrate data across different business functions, optimise the inventory levels, have strong predictive analytics and action oriented notifications – can help retail and wholesale players effectively manage their operations and stay nimble.

Now Manage Complexities With Ease

Sofgen ERP efficiently captures the data form across the different sources and business functions, consolidates the data in a customised and meaningful ways for optimising the operations and for maximising the value creation. Sofgen’s ERP is built to handle the incredible complexities and magnitude of all FMCG related operations. We are committed to help the business owners reduce and manage the complexities and be able to smoothly manage their operations.

Powerful Functionalities

Sofgen can easily handle various functions like inventory management, budgeting, production, packaging, financial accounting, taxation including GST, purchase, sales and distribution. ERP’s cutting edge features, intuitive design and customisable functionalities makes it a game changing force for businesses in the retail and wholesale segment.

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