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Service Industry

Be A Step Ahead With Sofgen ERP Service Industry

India’ service sector is among the fastest growing in the whole world. Also, the sector generates maximum revenue for the country and is the major contributor to the country’s GDP with more than 60% share. The sector is expected to grow by more than 9% cumulative average growth rate over the coming years.

Manage Complexities, Mitigate Risks with Sofgen

Managing operations, planning resources and meeting to the demand of growth for a service business creates incredible challenges for the business teams. As the service business grows it needs to keep up with its pace, demand of its customers, managing the increasing complexities of its value chain, managing people and increasingly complex data. And then there are external factors and challenges such as increasing competition, disruptive technologies, regulations and ever changing dynamics of the industry. An optimised ERP solution for the service industry can help the business owners handle complexities and mitigate the risks that comes with a growing business and uncertain business environment.

Tailored Features To Boost Your Competitiveness

Sofgen ERP has been innovatively designed to meet some of the hardest, common and complex problems that the service industry faces. The ERP is optimised to help the management team’s plan their resources in an optimal way, move towards cost optimisation, generate healthy top as well as strong bottom line, and manage the complexities by managing data across the business functions. Sofgen ERP integrates the different business verticals and simplifies the operations by creating informed perspectives.

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