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India’s warehousing market is currently more than USD 12 billion in size. The industry is expected to grow to almost USD 20 billion by the end of 2025. The windustry is exponentially growing on the back of rapid growth of the country’s FMCG, ecommerce, manufacturing and logistic industries.

The warehousing industry itself is seeing disruptive shifts with advent of new technologies and more sophisticated ways of operations to meet the challenging demands of manufacturing and other industries.

Warehousing and logistics are incredibly important segments for FMCG, manufacturing and retail industries. Efficient warehousing creates a base for optimised distribution, timely delivery and supplies for the businesses. There are complex expectations and demands from a warehousing enterprise. To meet the challenges and reduce the complexities warehousing needs a robust management system for optimising its operations. Sofgen’s ERP provides cutting edge solutions to empower teams to manage operations flawlessly and increase productivity greatly. The ERP allows for improved and efficient supply chain management along with integrated, robust planning and reporting tools.

ERP helps in maximising the warehouse space utilisation, predict and manage the stock counts, improve the speed of deliveries.

Sofgen ERP can be further customised to handle the specific requirements and complexities of organisations in warehousing play. At Sofgen, we are committed to create innovative solutions and bring paradigm shifts in efficient management of warehouse operations through agile and continuous product upgradation.

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