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Elevate Excellence, Ensure Perfection: Unleash Quality Potential with Our ERP Quality Management Module!

Quality control module enables you as a client to ensure that you are delivering the highest quality of products and services to your clients and customers. With the incorporation of this module, Sofgen ensures that all of the material which is purchased by and then brought in your warehouses is of optimally high-quality, so that from the process of purchasing to the process of manufacturing, you can have a robust control over the quality of the overall material which is procured in your organization. Also, this module includes a thorough inspection of finished goods before they are shipped to the final customers.

Following are some of the most obvious benefits that you as a client can get to have:

  • Define Q.C parameters & Permissible limits.
  • Quality checking of Receipts, Production,
  • Rejections & Dispatches.
  • Pending Transactions for Quality check.
  • Customer complaints with reasons capturing.
  • Customer Warranty details capturing.
  • Customer wise, Defect wise, Month wise number of complaints.
  • Customer wise, Defect wise, Month wise PPM & trend chart.
  • Month wise, Suppliers wise, Defect wise rejection reporting

Besides, you can have the following benefits with the incorporation of this module of ERP through Sofgen:

Batch monitoring & tracking

This module allows you to engage in batch monitoring & tracking, so that you can consistently evaluate the overall quality of all batches of products or materials which are procured by and brought in your warehouses.

Sampling Plan

This module also allows you to set a sampling plan, so that you can have a clear idea as to the degree of the overall quality that you have to maintain all the time.

Setting Standard Parameters

With the incorporation of this module, you will also get to set standard parameters to assess the quality of all the material required in the process of production.

Incoming QC

With the incorporation of this module, you can get to ensure optimally high quality of all the materials which you are procure from suppliers.

Production QC:

With the incorporation of module, you can also get to ensure high-quality of the finished products that you are about to dispatch to customers.

Final dispatch inspection

This module also allows to have a final inspection of the quality of the finished products right before they are about to be dispatched to customers.

Quality Analysis & Reports:

This module allows you to analyse quality of all the raw material and the finished goods and then to generate a comprehensive quality report, so that you can know everything about the quality of materials that you are procuring and using in your final products.

Customer complaint tracking

This module also allows you as a business to track the records of customers’ complaints recently, so that you can get to know about the main issues and problems that customers face while availing your services or purchasing your products.

Thus, these are the benefits that you are likely to receive with the incorporation of quality control module under ERP through Sofgen.

There are four types of quality control that businesses need, and those four types are as follows:

Quality Planning

This module ensures proper and reliable planning related to the quality of raw materials and the finished products, so that you can integrate the step of quality planning and management in your entire process of running a business. Quality planning in advance is important because it allows you to have a clear picture of where you desire to reach in terms of quality.

Quality Control

This module allows you to ensure consistent and reliable quality control all the time, so that you can assess, evaluate, and manage the quality of raw materials used and the finished products produced in your business.

Quality Assurance

This module allows you to have quality assurance, so that you do not have to worry about the quality of raw materials and the finished products; rather, you can focus on producing more and more units, so that you can serve a larger and more extensive customer base.

Quality Improvement

This module enables you to improve the quality of your products and services further and further, and this becomes possible mainly because this module keeps a constant check over the quality of all the raw materials used and all the finished products produced in your business.

Thus, it is only because of this quality control module that you as a client can get to have a range of benefits, such as:

Increased Efficiency | Enhanced Reputation | Reduced Costs | Improved Competitiveness | Improved Safety | Enhanced Reliability | Increased Agility | Enhanced Sustainability | Improved Product Performance | Enhanced Service Quality | Improved Supplier Relationships | Implementing quality control


  • Material Receipt
  • Control Reports
  • Rejections
  • Production Inspection
  • Incoming Inspection

Sofgen helps you at each step of the process to catapult you to where you want to reach as an organisation and also allows you to get regular reports based on the quality control aspect of your business, including material receipt, control reports, rejections, production inspection, and incoming inspection.

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