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Production-Crafting Success, One Efficient Step at a Time: Harness Production Excellence with Our ERP Module!

The production module in SofgenERP system is crucial for integrating and streamlining manufacturing processes, improving resource utilization, reducing lead times, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. It enables organizations to manage their production activities more effectively and make informed decisions that align with their business goals.

Sofgen is well aware of the fact that you as a client has to go through a range of issues as you engage in the process of production. Thus, Sofgen has come up with the concept of MRP (Material Resource Planning), which cannot only help you manage your production schedules but can also enhance the quality of your material purchase orders. This way, you will be able to accelerate the entire production process, and you will also be having a better way to collect, manage, and utilise a large amount of data and information based on your production process.

Following are some of the specific benefits associated with the incorporation of MRP:

  • Define Bill of Material (BOM).
  • Create Production Plan based on Distribution plan.
  • Carry out BOM explosion for the plan and generate material requirement.
  • Semi -finished/ finished items production entry.
  • Daily / hourly / stage / product / shift / operator wise production report.
  • Stage / product / shift / operator wise production rejection report.
  • Operator productivity report.
  • Actual consumption v/s Bill of Material.
  • Batch-wise control of production.
  • Stage wise stock trial.
  • Plant Downtime with reasons reporting.
  • Process wise Production efficiency & plant efficiency reports.

You as a business must understand the fact that you cannot go much far without having a well-thought production planning strategy. A proper plan for production enables you to craft the rest
of the process in such a way that neither your time nor your money gets wasted. Another important point to bear in mind is to have a process for the management of semi-finished (SF) or finished goods inventory. When an organisation can manage both semi-finished goods inventory and finished goods inventory, then that organisation always have the upper hand in the market.

Rejection /rework

By integrating rejection and rework control functionalities within the production module, ERP systems enable organizations to manage these aspects of quality control more efficiently. This integration helps prevent the release of substandard products, minimizes waste, maintains compliance with quality standards, and supports continuous improvement efforts. Additionally, the data collected within the production module can be valuable for analyzing trends, identifying areas for improvement, and making informed decisions to enhance overall production quality.

Batch wise control reports

Batch-wise production control reports in the production module of an ERP system provide valuable insights and information about the production process, focusing on individual production batches or lots. These reports are essential for monitoring and managing production efficiency, quality, and traceability. Some key types of batch-wise production control reports: Batch Production Summary Report:, Batch Yield Analysis Report, Batch Traceability Report:, Batch Quality Control Report: Batch Work Order Status Report: Batch Cost Analysis Report.

Stock Transfer To Inter-Branch Or Store Can Be Managed

This  facilitates the seamless transfer of stock to ensure efficient production processes, optimized resource allocation, and accurate inventory management. It included Material Tracking, Inventory Adjustment, Barcode or RFID Integration, Return Material Authorization, etc. A well-implemented Stock Transfer in Production module enhances production efficiency, minimizes disruptions, and provides accurate inventory information. It’s crucial to configure the module to match your organization’s specific workflows and needs, considering factors like industry, production processes, and existing ERP system functionalities.

Production Defect Analysis

IT focuses on identifying, analyzing, and addressing defects or quality issues that arise during the manufacturing process. This analysis helps organizations improve product quality, reduce defects, and enhance overall production efficiency. By implementing a Production Defect Analysis module, organizations can proactively address quality issues, improve production processes, and deliver higher-quality products to customers. The module’s integration with other relevant modules within the ERP system enhances visibility, collaboration, and overall efficiency in defect management.

Packing Material Management

A well-implemented Packing Material Management module ensures that the right packing materials are available when needed, reducing production disruptions, minimizing waste, and contributing to cost-efficiency. Integration with other relevant modules within the ERP system, such as Inventory Management, Procurement, and Production Planning, enhances visibility and data accuracy throughout the production and supply chain processes.

Shift Management Time Loss Calculation

This helps  in tracing  employee work hours, downtime, and inefficiencies, allowing organizations to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall production efficiency. By implementing a Shift Management and Time Loss Calculation, organizations can optimize labor resources, reduce downtime, and improve overall production efficiency. The module’s integration with other relevant modules within the ERP system enhances visibility, accuracy, and collaboration across different functional areas within the organization.

Scrape and wastage control and its valuation

Sofgen understands that it is undeniably important that you as a business have a reliable system of controlling the scrape and wastage that is produced on a regular basis. Thus, Sofgen offers you a reliable and convenient system not only to control your wastage and scrape but also to ascertain the value of the total scrape and wastage

Minimum stock alerts via SMS or email

Sofgen is well aware of the fact that you as a business do not want to face inventory shortage, because it does not reflect well on you as a reputable company in the eyes of your customers. Thus, this is the main reason that with the incorporation of ERP as well as MRP, Sofgen enables you to get constant updates on your inventory. You will be notified either via SMS or Email when it is required to replenish the inventory.

Machine, mould, and tools utilisation control

Sofgen, along with its software, enables you to have a better control over the machines, moulds, and tools that your workers regularly and necessarily use. It impacts the overall productivity that reigns within the organisation.

Shop Floor Control Management

Shop Floor Control Management is a crucial component within the Production Module of an ERP system. It involves managing and overseeing the day-to-day activities, resources, and processes taking place on the shop floor or manufacturing floor.

System will be able to generate various production reports on a numerous parameters

Production Efficiency

Target Vs Actual Production

Daily/Week/Monthly production reports

Defect & Rejection Analysis

Production Costing & Analysis

Assemble Line Efficiency

Machine time and efficiency

Plant Capacity utilization w.r.t. plan

Manpower utilization w.r.t. Plan

Thus, after having gone through the above extensive list of primary and additional benefits, you must have realised that what you would miss out if continue operating without streamlining the process of conducting your business. Apart from the above extensive list of benefits associated with MRP and ERP through Sofgen, there are also many reports that you can have.

Production efficiency | Target vs actual production | Daily/ weekly/ monthly reports | Defect & rejection analysis | Production cost and analysis | Assemble line efficiency | Machine time and efficiency | Plant capacity utilisation w. r. t. plan | Manpower utilisation w. r. t. plan

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