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Most of the SAP Users stated that it is not the Technology and its implementation but the Maintenance and Support of the application that hits hard on their pockets. Generating maximum ROI (Return on Investment) from your SAP Investments, Sofgen helps you to cut down the total cost by upto 50-60%.

  • Every Year we bring down the Maintenance prices for our valuable clients
  • Help you with Day-to-Day changes, Rollouts, and Support Packs. The Sofgen team also improve the Efficiency of Projects
  • Identifies the change impact on ERP Landscape
  • Focuses and prioritizes the project plan
  • Automates test recording and execution
  • Accelerates and reduces the number of test cycles
  • Improves the quality of your reporting and deliverables
  • Provides a platform for project management and knowledge sharing
  • Standardizes test documentation (test script library and test results documentation)
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