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SAP User Training

SAP Implementation and Integration is a complex and core technological process. The method of implementation varies from Company to Company, as their end-term Goals are not same. SAP Application is worth taking a little pain. Once SAP is properly Implemented and integrated, the value it adds to your business is a totally different picture.

After Implementation, the next in queue is the User Training Process. The End User must be trained well to use the application and resolve any challenge that may arise while the Application is in use.

  • Study Material – The SAP End-User Training Modules come with Study Materials in them. The Study Materials are full of information related various topics, like steps involved in performing transaction in R3 or S/4 HANA, information about user specific job roles available in SAP. The Modules also include Tutorial Programs for Users.
  • Computer-Based Tools – SAP Tutor is another time-saving and efficient tool for end-user training. It is a simulation tool which can be used to create interactive training environment or demo simulations in SAP and non-SAP applications to enhance training curriculum.
  • Online Training – For the users located in different Cities, this Training Technique is the most suitable one. In this method, the user remotely connects to the Server after Logging in, and then the training session starts. User even has the edge of recording the session and re-playing it later.
  • Class-room Training – The most effective means of Training is the Class-Room Training. The Physical presence of Instructor and Learner at the same place makes it possible for the learner to understand the nuances and ask queries. Being an Interactive method in real sense, Class-Room Training is a time saving method of training.
  • On Job Training – The End Users can also learn while they parallelly work on the application. The Instructor introduces them to live scenarios and helps the user to handle it professionally. On Job Training gives the End User a hands-on experience of the application.
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