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Empower Your Business with Seamless Marketing: Unleash the Potential of Our ERP Marketing Module!

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software that Sofgen uses enables an organisation to have an optimal control over marketing and sales activities. When a business grows, it is required to deal with its customers and clients in an efficient manner, and this is the main reason that the need to incorporate ERP arises. However, you as a business does not need to worry about incorporating ERP in your system, because Sofgen will do that for you. Once you avail the services offered by Sofgen, you will be getting a range of benefits which can foster the growth of your business and thus help you strengthen your position in the market.

Sofgen ensures a regular tracking of the order from the time the order is placed to the time it is delivered to your customer. As your business grows, you will have to deliver hundreds or thousands of products on a daily basis, and it is not possible to keep a track of dispatched and delivered items manually. Thus, Sofgen, with ERP, will allow you to have such a consistent and
reliable track of all the items that have been dispatched and delivered.

Under the sales part of this module, Sofgen enables you as a business to track your pre-sales and the overall sales activity. Under the dispatch part of this module, Sofgen helps you collect and store all the relevant data of your clients or customers in the system, so that you can utilize that data to deal with your customers better. Once you have adequate data and information of your customers, you will be able to identify and work on their tastes and preferences, and thus it will give you the competitive edge over your competitors.

The dispatch module enables you to foster your sales orders and to keep a continual track of your sales order, so that you can know how long an order takes to reach the customer. Thus, as you avail the services of Sofgen, you can ensure that your sales, marketing, and dispatch activities are conducted smoothly and efficiently.

Incorporating ERP, Sofgen enables your business to have

Effective Contact Management

So that you can connect with your customers via email anytime you want and to have easy and effortless access to your customers’ details and information whenever required. This will help you build solid and lasting relationship with your customers and clients, because as you keep in touch with your customers and clients on a regular basis, they then develop the tendency to purchase from you only.

Effective inquiry management

So that you can respond shortly and confidently to your customers’ queries via email. This is will build trust between you and your customers/clients, and this is mainly because as you are able to clear up your customers’ or clients’ queries or doubts instantaneously, your clients or customers will trust you more than any of your competitors.

Fast and accurate customer quotations

So that you can mail your potential buyers an estimated cost of the services that they will have to bear. This will reflect your integrity, and your customers/clients will believe your honesty. Also, it will lower the burden of your customers/clients because they will be informed beforehand of the estimated cost, and thus they will get the time to bear that cost.

Efficient and reliable sales order management

Efficient and reliable sales order management within an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction, minimizing errors, and optimizing business operations. By implementing these strategies and leveraging the capabilities of your ERP system, you can achieve efficient and reliable sales order management, leading to improved customer satisfaction and optimized business outcomes.

Effective sales scheduling

(Effective sales scheduling in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is crucial for optimizing your sales operations and ensuring efficient use of resources. Sales scheduling involves managing appointments, customer interactions, order processing, and other sales-related activities.By effectively leveraging your ERP system for sales scheduling, you can enhance customer interactions, optimize resource utilization, and improve overall sales performance. It’s important to tailor the scheduling processes to your specific business needs and continuously refine them based on feedback and performance analysis.)

Improved Efficiency & Enhanced Data Visibility

ERP systems centralize and automate various processes such as accounting, human resources, inventory management, procurement, and more. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the chances of errors, leading to increased operational efficiency.Sofgen ERP provides real-time access to data and analytics, allowing employees at all levels to make informed decisions. This visibility helps managers monitor key performance indicators, track progress, and identify trends to guide strategic planning.Sofgen ERP systems offer mobile applications that allow employees to access important business data and perform tasks remotely.


  • Sales Order
  • Sales Order Amendments
  • Works Order
  • Customer Rate Contract Letter
  • Delivery Instructions
  • Sales Schedule
  • New Addon’s Product To Orders List
  • Production Planning
  • Sale Quotation Register
  • Sales Rejections
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Summary(Laser)
  • Partywise Billwise Despatch Register
  • Partywise Billwise Despatch Register-II
  • Tariff/Customer/Productwise Sales Summary
  • Daily Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Sales Summary
  • Control Reports
  • Misc. Reports
  • Addinwise Sales Summary
  • Datewise Sales Analysis
  • Despatch Report
  • Despatch Paln Compliance
  • Freight Payment Register
  • Jobwork Inward

Sofgen also helps you with dispatch management and sales forecast analysis. Dispatch management includes inspection prior to dispatch, defect and rejection analysis, scanning of barcode of dispatch, etc. All of this allow you as a business to have optimal dispatch management. Effective and efficient dispatch management becomes important once a business reaches the growth stage, because there are numerous dispatch issues that a business has to resolve before it becomes stable in the market.

As regards sales forecast analysis, it includes a forecast of sales of your products or services using graphical illustrations, and thus it will allow you to have a clearer picture of your business.

Also, in order to guide your decision-making process and to allow you to make well-thought decisions. This module also offers graphical presentation of sales analysis, daily sales comparison, daily dispatch details, sales reconciliation, comparison of current and previous year sales, delivery notes based on sales and job order, invoice based on delivery instruction. You can reap all of these benefits under the sales and marketing module of Sofgen.

Beside all the aforementioned features and benefits of availing the services of Sofgen, you can also get to have the relevant reports related to marketing and sales of your business, namely sales order, sales order amendments, works order, customer rate contract letter, delivery instructions, sales schedule, new addon’s product to orders list, production planning, sales quotation register, and many more.

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