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Simplify Procurement, Maximize Efficiency: Elevate Your Operations with Our ERP Purchase Module!

Purchasing is as important a process as sales for a business and this is the main reason that Sofgen enables its clients to have an advanced and reliable purchasing process.

The purchase module in an SofgenERP system plays a vital role in optimizing procurement processes, controlling costs, and maintaining efficient supplier relationships. It ensures that organizations can effectively manage their procurement activities from requisition to payment while maintaining accurate records and enhancing overall operational efficiency.It encompasses various activities related to acquiring goods and services, managing suppliers, and optimizing procurement operations.

You as a client of Sofgen can have an advanced process related to the following:

  • Purchase Enquiry
  • Quotation Management
  • Supplier Rate Contract Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Indent
  • Purchase Order Goods
  • Direct Goods
  • Cash Purchase
  • Purchase Order Services Direct Purchase
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Material (Purchase) Supply Schedule
  • Supplier Rate Contract Status
  • Requisition Register & Tracking
  • Purchase Order Register (Pending & Complete)
  • Purchase Order Rate History
  • Purchase Order Amendment Register
  • Schedules Performance (Monthly/Weekly/Daily) Reports

All of these benefits associated with the incorporation of Sofgen enable you as a client to have a better process of purchasing, so that you can take care of all of the aspects of purchasing that can affect your business. Having a reliable purchase and inventory management process is an important step to ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted growth and development of your business.
Sofgen enables you to have a vendor rating process which can ensure that you have effective and reliable Quality Analysis, Price Analysis, Services Analysis, Delivery Analysis, Quality Delivery Analysis, Overall Annual Analysis.

Besides, the key features of this purchase module introduced by Sofgen includes:

Purchase Indent and Authorization

As Sofgen incorporates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Sofgen enables you to have a quick and efficient process of purchase indent and authorization, which in turn helps your business to approve and authorize only those purchase decisions that are beneficial to your business. It does not approve and authorize those purchase decisions that are not likely to bring the desired outcome for your business.

Purchase Contract and Order Management

Sofgen, with the incorporation of ERP, enables you as a business to manage your purchase contracts and all the purchase orders in a much better and more efficient manner, and this is mainly because ERP ensures a regular and consistent record of all data and information related to all the material that you purchase.

Release Purchase Order

When a purchase order is released from the existent purchase agreement, it is called a release purchase order. Sofgen enables you as a client to manage your release purchase orders in a better manner, because you can quickly and accurately know which purchase orders have been released from the purchase agreement, and you can have the opportunity to manage your release purchase orders in a better manner.

GRN, Rejection, and Purchase Return

GRN stands for goods receive note. GRN is used to ensure that the buyer has received the material from the supplier. Sofgen enables you as a client to manage your GRN, rejection, and purchase return in a much better and quicker way by keeping a consistent record of the material that you either reject or return to the supplier.

Purchase Debit and Credit Note

Sofgen allows you to keep a reliable, efficient, and manageable record of your purchase debit and credit note, which in turn enables you to execute purchase transactions in a better manner. Debit and credit notes are two important items used in the process of purchase, and Sofgen offers you a high-quality and quick procedure to manage debit and credit note.

Supplier Performance Evaluation

Supplier Performance Evaluation within the purchase module of an ERP system involves systematically assessing and measuring the performance of suppliers to ensure that they meet established standards and contribute positively to your procurement process.By implementing supplier performance evaluation features within the purchase module of your ERP system.

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Management

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Management is a crucial component of the purchase module in an sofgen  ERP system. RFQs are formal requests sent to suppliers to obtain price quotes and other relevant information for the procurement of goods or services. Managing RFQs efficiently helps streamline the sourcing process and supports informed decision-making. Implementing robust RFQ management within the purchase module of your ERP system enhances transparency, efficiency, and accuracy in supplier selection and sourcing processes.

Supplier management

Supplier management within the purchase module of an ERP system involves the comprehensive handling of all interactions and relationships with suppliers. It encompasses various processes and features aimed at selecting, onboarding, communicating with, and optimizing the performance of suppliers. By effectively implementing supplier management within the purchase module of SofgenERP system, you can optimize supplier relationships, enhance procurement efficiency, and drive better supply chain performance.

Besides all of the aforementioned benefits, the simplest and the most noticeable benefit of availing the services of Sofgen is that you do not have to record data manually, and this is the main reason that you as a business can save a lot of time and cost, because manual data entry for each and every purchase transaction requires both time and money. Also, manual data entry does not work well as you plan to expand the business and scale it up to new heights.

Sofgen, with the incorporation of ERP, also allows you to access historical data related to purchase, so that you can get to know what your previous orders and order quantities have been.
This way, you can have a reliable and efficient way to track your purchase records and get to know the important details of your previous and current suppliers.

Not only this, but also, Sofgen ensures optimal protection of the data and information related to purchase, and this is mainly because as Sofgen incorporates ERP, it enables you to decide who
can change the data and approve the purchase decision. Thus, no unauthorized access can be made to the data and information related to the purchase records of your business.

Sofgen also helps you with purchase accounting as it ensures:

Purchase Bill Passing of all Receipts after material inspection considering all factors like Excise Mod vat, VAT, TDS, ESI etc.

Purchase debit/ credit Notes on A/c of shortage or price increase/decrease.

Purchase return/sales invoice of material being returned to supplier.

Processing of job-work bills.

Processing of service bills various reports on purchase reconciliation statements.


  • Purchase Requisition Register
  • Purchase Requisition Status
  • Purchase Order Register
  • Purchase Order List
  • PO Terms List
  • Purchase Order Rates History
  • Supplier Rate Contract Letter
  • Current Purchase Order Rates
  • Supplementary Advise Form Purchase Bill Passing
  • Purchase Supplementary Status
  • Control Reports
  • Schedule Performance (Partywise/Weekwise)
  • Schedule Performance (Partywise/Daily)
  • Schedule Performance (Monthly)
  • Monthly Supply Schedule Status
  • Supply Schedule Weekly Performance
  • Purchase Schedule Amendment
  • Schedule Detail Register

Thus, as you avail the services of Sofgen, you will experience a range of benefits— from having an advanced procedure to record entries to having an efficient system of tracking all the purchase orders to having a secure and safe data management system to protect the data. The entire process of recording and executing purchase becomes much easier when you have a proper functioning of recording and managing data, which is ensured by Sofgen.

All the aforementioned feature and benefits aside, you can also have reports related to all the purchase activities that you as a business have to perform on a regular basis, including purchase requisition register, purchase requisition status, purchase order register, purchase order list, current purchase order rates, supplier rate contract letter, purchase order rates history, control reports, monthly supply schedule status, schedule detail register, purchase schedule amendment, and many more.

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